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PrepKingz is your top choice for an Amazon FBA & FBM Prep Center in Quebec & Canada. We provide hassle-free solutions for Online Arbitrage, Wholesale, and Private Label sellers.
  • The one and only Prep Center in Quebec
  • 12 hour turnaround solution
  • Transparent pricing and no extra fees
  • User friendly, automated software, no confusing spreadsheet
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Why choose PrepKingz

At PrepKingz, we position ourselves as the leading Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) Prep Center, strategically located in Quebec, Canada. Our services are meticulously designed to offer comprehensive support to Online Arbitrage, Wholesale, and Private Label sellers who are navigating the complexities of e-commerce sales on Amazon.

PrepKingz is your trusted partner, eliminating the hassle of preparation, packaging, and shipping. Our commitment to excellence ensures your products not only meet but exceed Amazon's rigorous standards, making the journey from your hands to the Amazon's doorstep effortless and seamless.

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Expertise & Experience

Our experienced team, specializing in Amazon FBA - FBM prep services, understands the intricacies of packaging, labeling, and quality control. We work tirelessly to optimize your operations

No Monthly Fees or Commitments

We believe in true flexibility for your business. That's why we offer a straightforward "pay as you go" pricing model with no monthly fees, no minimum volume requirements, and no commitments. 

Automated Process

No need for account access or sharing labels — our system automatically syncs with your Amazon store, ensuring secure, efficient handling of inventory and labels. Simplify your selling strategy with our effortless integration.

12-hour turnaround

Boost your online sales with our team's help. We automate the tedious parts, so you can focus on growth and profits. Products reach Amazon's FC in under 12 hours after we receive your inventory. Simplify operations and enhance efficiency with us.

Automated FBA Prep In Quebec Canada

All-in-One Solution for Your Prep Needs

Ready to take your business to the next level? Discover our cutting-edge preparation service process

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Our Services

What's included in our Amazon FBA/FBM Base Price



Thoroughly inspect products as part of our Amazon FBA/FBM Services to ensure they meet quality standards and are fully prepared for shipment.


FNSKU Labels

Efficiently manage FNSKU and ASIN labels for Amazon FBA sellers during the order preparation process.



Streamline the receiving process for your products, ensuring they are properly checked in and ready for fulfillment.


Comprehensive Dunnage Solutions

Provide a range of dunnage options, including paper and foam, to protect your products during transit.


30 Day Storage

Securely store your inventory for up to 30 days, ensuring it's readily available for order fulfillment when needed.

More sales without the extra workload

Join PrepKingz today and transform the way you handle your inventory. Save time, reduce costs and tap into the expertise of a team that understands the unique challenges of Amazon selling.

Fair Pricing

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Are you shipping over 250 units monthly ? Let us handle the preparation of your first 100 units absolutely FREE! Experience the difference with zero risk, no credit card required.


What our clients say about us.

4.8/5 from 37 reviews

  • Céclilia
    I recently used the services of PrepKingz for packaging and shipping my products, and I'm super satisfied! Top Packaging: My products were packed like pros, with the attention to detail that we love to see. The protective materials used were sturdy, so there was zero breakage. Speedy: They don't mess around with order processing at PrepKingz. My products were always ready to go before the deadline. Customer Service: Their customer service team is super friendly. They answered all my questions without any hassle. Little Bonus: They recently reduced their rates to meet my needs. Honestly, it's great to see a company that really cares about its customers. In short, if you're looking for a good deal for packaging and shipping, go for it with PrepKingz.
  • Allae
    Perfect service. Very good value for money.
  • Ghadi
    Working with PrepKingz has been a game-changer for my resale business. Their exceptional management, personalized attention, and top-tier resources set this center apart. The modern facilities, attentive staff, and effective communication make it an outstanding choice. A brief but impactful investment in my success.
  • Kevin
    Prepkingz ranks as one of the best, if not the best, packaging services I've used for my businesses in North America. They offer affordability with rates suitable for all budgets, speedy services, and A-1 customer support. I highly recommend checking them out first. Imagine having all the benefits of a large-scale operation but with the personalized touch of a smaller provider. An easy 5-star rating
  • Iman
    They have taken great care of my products and responded swiftly to my inquiries. They provide a secure space for your packages and have definitely stepped up when I had larger orders. I have been with them for quite some time, and all my orders have been processed quickly and without any issues. I highly recommend this place to all resellers.
  • Peter
    PrepKingz exceeded my expectations with their outstanding service. The team was remarkably efficient, and their quick and respectful approach made my experience truly enjoyable. I highly recommend PrepKingz for anyone seeking top-notch assistance.
  • Maya
    PrepKingz has been a game-changer for my Amazon FBA business in Quebec.. literally, they've made everything so much easier with their smooth automation, and it's super budget-friendly. Plus, being the only prep center in Quebec gives them that awesome local touch, speeding up my deliveries and making me a more effective Amazon seller. Legit, everything runs more efficiently, and I don't have to incur additional expenses for shipping to other provinces or cities. It's a win-win lol

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